About Spot

Spot is an automated chatbot designed to help you document experiences of harassment or discrimination. You may keep your reports for yourself until you decide on a course of action. You may also submit them to the Commission for safekeeping or to ask questions.

Spot is a safe, secure and confidential online documentation service.

Documentation serves an important role in addressing discrimination. When discrimination is alleged, the specific circumstances of the situation are critical factors in the outcome.

Safe and confidential documentation has a number of benefits. It can serve to:

  • record events to assist the memory of the person impacted,
  • communicate and explain the incident to other people, including when filing a complaint,
  • support a witness statement in an investigation of an allegation of discrimination.

Here’s how Spot works:

  1. Click on the link to begin using Spot.
  2. Click “Harassment and Discrimination” to begin documenting.
  3. When prompted, write down the events as you remember them. Spot will then ask you questions about what you wrote, prompting you for additional details that may have been missed.
  4. Review everything that you wrote, and make any edits you like. You will also have the opportunity to attach relevant documents if you wish.
  5. Save a copy for yourself by having Spot send a PDF to your email.
  6. Choose whether you would like to submit a copy to the Yukon Human Rights Commission. This is not a human rights complaint, but we can hold on to it for you and it will be available if you need it later or wish to discuss the contents with us. If you do wish to discuss it with us, be sure to know either the exact title you give the document, or the file reference number so that we can be sure that you were the one who submitted the report. If you do not have at least one of these, we will not be able to discuss the report with you, as we will not be able to confirm whether you were the one who made the report. We can still discuss any issues you may wish to discuss, but you may have to repeat what you already submitted in your report.