Responding to a Complaint

Has a complaint been made against you or your organization?

If a complainant files a complaint against you or your organization, they are alleging that you or your organization has discriminated against them based on an area and ground in the Yukon Human Rights Act.

The Director of Human Rights is responsible for the complaint process. By accepting the complaint, the Director does not assume any wrongdoing on anyone’s part.

The Director does not take sides and provides equal service to both parties. The Director is required to:

  • Notify the respondent of the complaint
  • Provide the respondent with an opportunity to settle the complaint
  • Provide the respondent with an opportunity to submit a response to the complaint

What does it mean to settle a complaint?

Settlement is a voluntary and confidential process. It allows parties to a complaint to talk through the situation and try to resolve the complaint.

The Director acts as a mediator to help the parties to settle the complaint. The mediator ensures that the process is fair to everyone and helps the parties to try and reach an agreement.

Settlement is possible at any stage in the complaint process.

If a complaint is not settled, what happens next?

If the parties cannot resolve a complaint, the Director may:

  • Stop or suspend the complaint
  • Investigate the complaint to gather further information, and send the complaint to Commission members

The Commission members may dismiss the complaint, send it back for an attempt at settlement, or send it to a Board of Adjudication hearing (public hearing).

For more information on responding to a complaint, settling a complaint, and on the possible outcomes of a complaint, read the Respondent Guide.

To learn more about the types of complaints accepted by the Commission, check out our Know Your Rights Pamphlet.

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