Following the Supreme Court of Yukon’s (“the Court”) decision regarding Molloy v Property Management, Yukon Government, the complaint was sent back to the Yukon Human Rights Board of Adjudication (“the Board”). The Complainant submitted a request to present new evidence based on the Court’s decision. In October 2010, the Board held a pre-hearing conference, in which it considered the Complainant’s request. The Complainant was given the opportunity to explain the nature of the new evidence. In November 2010, the Complainant requested a four-day extension as he had not heard back from his lawyers and needed more time to provide further information. Though the extension was granted, the Board received no new information from the Complainant. The Board decided that the Complainant was provided with ample time to clarify the new evidence he wished to introduce. Therefore, the Board decided that the Complainant would not be able to provide new evidence at the new hearings.

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