The Yukon Human Rights Commission announces Spot 2020, an update to Spot, an A.I. (artificial intelligence) reporting tool that uses a chatbot to help people document and report harassment and discrimination. A chatbot is a computer program designed to simulate conversation with a person. The Commission and Talk to Spot released the first version of the Spot chatbot in April 2019. Since then, the Yukon Human Rights Commission has worked closely with Spot to customize the system based on user experiences and feedback.

Spot has always offered a safe, secure way for individuals to document incidents and send inquiries to the Yukon Human Rights Commission. Spot 2020 retains the documenting and reporting features of the original Spot, while making several key improvements. Specifically, Spot 2020 is:

  • Bilingual in French and English
  • Designed to help people recall one issue at a time and set out their account clearly
  • Better able to reflect individual situations

Spot 2020 makes it easier than ever to submit an inquiry, or to simply save a record of your experience. Users can save a record themselves, or send it to the Commission for safekeeping.

“Spot 2020 makes it easier than ever before for individuals to document or enquire about incidents of harassment or discrimination in their workplace. The ability for the subjects of harassment or witnesses to harassment to make a free, confidential, timestamped record of their experience from anywhere there is internet is an invaluable tool for all Yukoners. Spot 2020 will help further the Commission’s goal of equitable, respectful workplaces for all,” says Gavin Gardiner, Co-Chair of the Yukon Human Rights Commission.

Cofounded by Canadian psychological scientist Dr. Julia Shaw, Spot uses a science-driven, evidence-based approach that is rooted in best practices for interviewing people about highly emotional events.

“The Yukon Human Rights Commission is setting itself as a global leader in online reporting, by embracing the practical use of artificial intelligence. By using Spot and working with us to continue to make it the best fit possible for Yukoners, the Commission enables higher quality reporting and improved accessibility,” says Dr. Julia Shaw.

Spot 2020 is available 24/7 online and can be used on mobile phones. Spot 2020 starts with a confidential, anonymous online chat with a bot (an artificial intelligence tool) to document what happened. From there, individuals save their private report as a secure, timestamped document. They can then choose whether to also submit it to the Yukon Human Rights Commission, either as an inquiry or simply as a way to save a record in a safe place. A Duty Officer with the Commission follows up on all inquiries, including those received through Spot.

Residents of Yukon can still visit the Commission in person at 215-305 Main Street, phone us at 867-667-6226, email, or reach out to us on Facebook.