The Yukon Human Rights Commission leads a five-year project to eradicate workplace sexual harassment in Yukon

The Yukon Human Rights Commission (the Commission) is partnering with employers, governments and other stakeholder organisations to share knowledge, deliver training, and develop tools to address the problem of workplace sexual harassment in Yukon. With funding provided by the Government of Canada, the goal of this major five-year initiative is to lead a cultural shift on the subject of workplace sexual harassment in the Yukon. The focus of this project compliments the work the Commission already does in investigating and resolving sexual harassment complaints throughout the territory, as well as its rights promotion work.

In Canada, approximately 19% of women and 13% of men report experiencing harassment in the workplace(1). In Yukon we have very little data but, since its founding in 1987, the Commission has regularly received complaints about workplace sexual harassment. The new initiative aims to develop a culture in Yukon in which employers, employees, and the general public are aware of what workplace sexual harassment is, of their rights with regards to workplace sexual harassment, and have the tools necessary to prevent it and know how to address it when it does arise.

The project will use customized training and practical tools developed in collaboration with partner organizations to raise awareness about the issues created by workplace sexual harassment in general, and to inform about the law relating to workplace sexual harassment in particular. The goal is to develop shared, practical, and effective approaches to this continuing issue. Training goals will be set with partners and periodic surveys will be undertaken to establish the baseline of the public’s knowledge on the issue and the degree of the culture shift over the life of the initiative. A major public conference on the subject of workplace sexual harassment is being planned for March, 2021, as well as 2023.

“Our goal is to bring the Yukon community together and show everyone that no matter who they are or what their workplace role is – whether they are a government or a private company, a boss, a brand-new employee, or a customer – everyone has a role to play in eradicating workplace sexual harassment.”

Gavin Gardiner, Co-Chair, Yukon Human Rights Commission

Quick Facts

  • The Commission is working with First Nations, municipalities, employers’ organizations, unions, advocacy groups, chambers of commerce, women’s organizations and a number of other groups.
  • The Commission will develop generic training and tools such as workplace sexual harassment policies, investigation guides and FAQs for employees and managers. It will then work with partners to customize tools so they best suit the partner’s situation.
  • The initiative started in July 2019 and will end in March 2024. During that time there will be two major conferences bringing Yukoners together to discuss the issue of sexual harassment in Yukon workplaces. If your organization or workplace sees workplace sexual harassment as an issue or wishes to be proactive in prevention and we haven’t contacted you, please reach out to the Yukon Human Rights Commission.


(1) 2018 Statistics Canada harassment in the workplace survey